Andre from leatherninja.com

Andre is a passionate leatherworker who spends his spare time working with leather. He loves the smell and feel of leather, and he takes great care in selecting the right pieces of leather for his projects.

He enjoys working with different types of leather, and he has a lot of knowledge about how to care for leather. In his free time, Andre also likes to go on walks with his Border Collie Sula and read books about leatherworking.

If you are interested in leatherworking and leather care, you’ll find everything you need to know here. Whether you want to make a leather wallet or simply want to learn more about how to properly care for your favorite leather products, the Leather Ninja blog has all the information that you need. Andre updates the articles regularly with tips related to the subject.

If you want to contact Andre with a specific question you can’t find in the blog, feel free to do it here on the contact page. To start learning about everything leather, start here.