How to Clean Nubuck Leather? (Easy Tips)

Person cleaning nubuck leather with a soft brush. How to Clean Nubuck Leather?

Nubuck leather combines the beauty of suede and the durability of traditional leather. It’s a type of leather with a soft, velvety surface and is often used for shoes, furniture, and jackets. Keeping nubuck in …

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How to Lighten Leather? (7 Easy And Smart Ways)

How to Lighten Leather

Throughout my time working with leather, I’ve often been posed with the question: “How can you lighten leather?” Now, if you’ve got a leather piece that’s turned out a bit darker than you’d hoped, or …

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What Is Nubuck Leather? (Explained)

Red nubuck. What Is Nubuck Leather?

Since I’ve spent countless hours working with various types of leather, today, I want to share my personal insights on nubuck leather. If you’ve ever found yourself questioning the unique attributes and care routines of …

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What is Cross Grain Leather? (Explained)

Black, blue and white cross grain leather sheets. What is Cross Grain Leather?

If you’re as infatuated with leather as I am, you’ve probably come across a variety of types, each with its unique characteristics and charm. Today, I’d like to share some insights about one of the …

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