How Much Does a Leather Jacket Weigh?

Curious how much weight — literally — your leather jacket is going to add to your daily style? Here’s how much a leather jacket weighs and all the numbers you’ll want to know!

Typically a leather jacket weighs between 3-4 lbs ( 1.3-1.8 kg). There are a lot of factors that can increase that amount, of course. The main determinants are the length of the jacket, the type of leather used in the jacket, the liner it has, and the style of the jacket and its accessories. Also, women’s jackets tend to weigh slightly less than men’s leather jackets since they are typically smaller and/or shorter when compared directly.

The average weight of a leather jacket

As I mentioned above, I’ll go into the factors below, but you can expect your leather jacket to weigh between 3-4 lbs ( 1.3-1.8 kg). This is typically heavier than most types of fashion jackets. While old-fashioned winter jackets made of other fabrics can be heavier, even a lot of those modern-day winter jackets can be lighter than a leather jacket!

Are real leather jackets heavy?

No matter how you look at it, genuine leather jackets will be heavy. If this is your first time owning a leather jacket, it might take a few uses to get comfortable with the added weight! 

The heaviest leather jacket will be motorcyclist jackets. These are made from thick, dense cow or buffalo leather between 0.06-0.07 inches (1.7-2 mm)thick. It’s intended to act as a second skin. These also have padding and thick liners in the jackets underneath the leather.

Are fashion leather jackets lighter?

If that description above freaked you out, take a breath. Fashion leather jackets (what most of us wear) will be much lighter. They are made from lightweight, simple cowhide, goat, or sheep hide. There is a basic liner and no padding or extra thickness to add bulk. The thickness differs between 0.007- 0.06 inches (0.2-1.6 mm).

The best way to get a sense of those numbers is to hold a thick leather jacket in one hand and a regular fashion leather jacket in the other. Or, wear one of each just to see how it feels. You’ll notice that motorcyclist leather jackets are certainly insulating but heavy. Traditional leather jackets are lighter but very chic and timeless when it comes to outerwear.

How much does a faux leather jacket weigh?

These days, faux leather is as popular, if not more, than classic authentic leather. The main reasons are affordability, ease of maintenance, and ethical reasons. Another perk to add to that list if you’re considering faux leather is that it’ll be lightweight compared to a classic leather jacket.

FUN FACT: You can determine whether you’re buying a faux leather jacket by checking its weight! Faux leather is always lighter, according to F Jackets.

What affects the weight of a leather jacket?

Quite a few details impact the overall weight of your leather jacket. Let’s take a closer look at those factors so that you know what you’re looking at in your shopping adventure:

  • Length/Cut
  • Type of leather
  • Liner
  • Accessories
  • Use of your jacket


If you have a waist-length leather jacket, it will weigh less than a ¾-length leather jacket. The same goes for more complex cuts rather than simple, streamlined profiles. The shorter and simpler the jacket is, the less material it uses and the less it uses. Simple, when you think about it that way.

Type of leather

As I mentioned above, the leather type can determine your jacket’s starting weight when talking about practical versus fashion jackets. Buffalo leather is much, much heavier than goat leather, for example. If weight is your biggest concern, go with basic cowhide or goat hide.


The heavier liners are usually wool or cotton. Typically, these are 100% of their fabric choice, so they’ll be heavier. These are intended for those heavier jackets I talked about, of course. Fashion leather jackets rely on a cotton and wool blend that will be lightweight due to their blended use of fabrics. They won’t be as warm as the 100% liner, but they’ll lighten your load.


While mentioning things like zippers and buttons seems trivial, it is essential to note. Zippers, especially thicker exterior ones, will be heavier than light, fashion zippers. Jackets with many buttons and zip-shut pockets will also be heavier than those more streamlined jackets with fold pockets or a single zipper at the front.

Another accessory to consider is any faux or real animal fur used. Many high-quality leather jackets use faux or authentic fur around the sleeves, hem, and neckline. This will add weight, of course, and you’ll want to choose carefully.

Use of your jacket

Last but certainly not least, you should consider how you use your jacket. Are you simply slipping it on and putting your phone and keys in your pockets? Or are you the kind of person that loads their jacket down with every possible thing that can fit? 

The pros and cons of lighter vs. heavier leather jackets

Historically, we preferred leather for protection against the elements. However, modern fabrics now mean that smart shoppers can have their pick of options so that they can choose logically. Here are the pros and cons of both heavy and light leather jackets!

Pros of light leather jackets

  • They’re simple to wear all year long
  • They’re easy to pack
  • They’re timeless and fashionable

Cons of light leather jackets

  • They aren’t as warm in a colder climate
  • They don’t offer protection from the elements compared to other fabrics

Pros of heavy leather jackets

  • They’re the best protection for outdoor workers and motorcyclists
  • They offer lots of storage options in pockets

Cons of heavy leather jackets

  • They’re bulky and hard to pack
  • They’re heavy

There is no right or wrong way to judge what kind of leather jacket is best. It comes down to figuring out how to enjoy your leather jacket.

How to choose the right weight for a leather jacket

When you’re trying to figure out how you want to pick the right weight for your leather jacket, here are some of the most important questions to ask yourself:

  • Will you wear it for fashion or practicality?
  • What is the climate or weather where you live?
  • What size do you need to wear?
  • How long do you want your jacket to be?

Gentleman’s Gazette recommends that you consider getting a separate liner for your leather jacket if you want to wear a lighter one year-round. You can get a synthetic or a lightweight sheepskin liner, and it’ll offer a bit more padding without much bulk.

Usually, a leather jacket will weigh 3-4 lbs ( 1.3-1.8 kg). You’ll find that weight will scale up or down based on the length of the jacket, the type of leather used in it, the liner it has, the accessories that decorate the jacket, and even the way you wear it. Make sure you get the kind of leather jacket you’re going for!

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